Wills, trusts and inheritance to secure your family’s future

Make a simple will for free with Choice – we help you to find the best products to secure your family’s future.

Estate planning made simple
  • Regulated advice on organising your estate
  • Leave financial gifts to your children
  • The ability to plan to leave money to charity
  • Put steps in place to manage an inheritance tax bill
  • Keep hold of all your assets while reducing your estate
  • Understand estate planning and inheritance tax rules
  • Peace of mind that you have your estate plan firmly in place
  • Secure your family’s future
  • Make a simple will for free using Choice
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What is tax/estate planning?

Tax Planning involves organising your assets by passing some to family or others as a financial gift; in turn, this reduces your inheritance tax bill.  There are also other options available.

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Options to reduce your inheritance tax bill

There are lots of different options to choose from, from financial gifts to loved ones or setting up a trust. Choice Retirement can help discuss your options and put a plan in place to ensure your loved ones are well looked-after.

Don’t wait to organise your estate

The sooner you plan your estate, the better, because there are many more options available than leaving it too late.

You could beat inheritance tax

Don’t fall into the trap of not planning your estate; you could potentially avoid inheritance tax without giving anything away and have more money to pass on.

A will gives you peace of mind

Making a will determines what happens to your possessions, property and money after death, but if you don’t leave one, the law dictates how everything is passed on. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Why plan your estate?
Distribute your property, possessions and money as you wish
When you make a will, you leave firm instructions dictating how your estate is split and without these instructions in place, your family and loved ones could lose out.

A will also enables you to appoint an executor, as, without this, there could be a significant delay before your estate is divided up. Additionally, a will allows you to specify specific possessions to individuals, for example, jewellery, collections, art and prizes possessions. Bear in mind that if you have a partner but you are not married, they may not receive anything after your death unless a will is in place. No doubt you want to feel confident that all your final wishes are in place and that’s where Choice can help.

Estate planning looks after your family

We all know how important caring for our families is, which means that estate planning is an essential choice in making sure your loved ones are still looked after you’ve passed.

Why pay more inheritance tax when you don’t have to?

When you speak to a Choice adviser, you’ll find out how you can avoid costly inheritance tax and in some cases, you might be able to avoid it altogether. This means leaving more money for your children, loved ones or others of your choice.

Estate planning for all

No matter what sized estate you have, large or small, it’s wise to leave a will. Otherwise, you risk your possessions, property and money being divided up by lawyers appointed by the state, or even tied-up in probate for years, which means your loved ones lose out.

Secure business succession

If you own a business and you want it to continue after your death then estate planning will enable you to appoint your own successor and outline what you want for its future. Putting everything in place ensures you have considered every eventuality, so don’t leave it to chance; make your succession plans today.

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