Swedish Startup Company’s ‘Smart Wristband’ Could Help Care For the Elderly

A Swedish start-up company which designed a ‘smart wristband’ using hardware sensors and AI has raised €5.1million in funding.

Aifloo is described as a “trustworthy e-health system, based on medical artificial intelligence that fully respects your privacy” and was “developed in close collaboration with elderly in need of security, their relatives and with caregivers”.  The Series A round is led by EQT Ventures, with the VC firm’s Analytics Partner, Henrik Landgren, citing the team and technology as reasons to invest, noting that the e-health company is marrying “vast amounts of data and modern AI” to help elderly people remain living independently for longer.

Packed full of sensors, the wristband monitors the behaviour of the wearer and will alert caregivers to any potential issues; things like falls, changes in eating habits and even sleep behaviour.

“Aifloo is a completely new e-health system that continually learns about an individual’s behaviour – detecting if something is wrong,” explains founder Felix Etzler.

“We help seniors to keep going strong, give peace of mind to family and friends and augment the care delivered by professional caregivers”.

Discreet and wearable with a long battery life, the device aims to be non-intrusive while detecting intricate changes within the wearer’s behaviour.

“The service measures trends over time, detects emergencies and alerts people of a problem even if you’re unable to,” he continues. “We hope to help carers deliver the right care, at the right time, to those who need it the most, with a little help from technology”.

Given that wearables are usually targeted at the super fit or to people with one specific medical condition, ie, diabetes,  this device could revolutionise the way we’re cared for as we reach old age.

Aifloo will soon be marketed to in-home care companies.

What are your thoughts on the device?