Finding You A Great Mortgage No Matter How Old You Are!

Choice can help you secure the right mortgage whether you’re approaching retirement or you’re already retired.

A Mortgage For A Bright Retirement
  • A mortgage could consolidate your debts for a stress-free retirement
  • You could change your mortgage to a lower rate and save money
  • Switch from an interest-only mortgage to a repayment mortgage
  • Free up some extra cash by borrowing more on your house
  • Take out a mortgage so you can move to your dream home for those golden years
  • Access to the very best mortgage deals from regulated mortgage brokers
  • Choice can help you find a mortgage at any age – even post-retirement

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What is a Mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan against your home and allows you to cover a proportion of the cost of your home. You pay back the loan in monthly payments, usually on a repayment or interest-only option.

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Mortgages At Any Age

Just because you’re getting older shouldn’t mean you can’t get the right mortgage. Choice has access to mortgage lenders who specialise in helping those over the age of 55 to secure their mortgage, even in retirement!

A Mortgage For Different Reasons

We can help you to find the right mortgage whether you want a new package, to pay less than you are at the moment or if you just want to increase your borrowing amount – there’s something waiting for you…

You Could Borrow Up To 95%!

95% borrowing is the maximum loan-to-value you could secure but it does depend on what you can afford. Try out our FREE online calculator to see what you could borrow now!

Lots Of Choice With Choice!

There are lots of options to think about, from trackers and interest only to repayment – but you want to understand which is right for you and that’s where Choice can help you understand the right deal.

Find Out If You Qualify Today

Even if you’re aged 85, Choice can help you to find the right mortgage for you as long as you can prove your pension (or employment). You’ll need to make full or interest only payments – the perfect solution to borrowing cash now, but paying back later. Find out from our advisors if you qualify today.

Solid Mortgage Advice For You

A Mortgage Gives You Flexibility

A mortgage can give you more flexibility in later life. You might want to extend your borrowing to live out your later years in style, or perhaps you want to move into different accommodation? Some people like to keep an eye on their mortgage to make sure they’re getting the best deal. That’s where Choice can come in very handy because we know exactly what’s right for you.

Mortgage Lenders For Age 55+

Getting a mortgage as you get holder is not as hard as you think. There are many lenders who will give you an excellent mortgage with a good rate but it’s difficult to find those lenders if you don’t know how! That’s why Choice is here to help you. We can pair you with the right regulated lenders no matter what your situation.

Plan Your Budget

It’s a good idea to know why you want a mortgage or to borrow more money and you should also know how you are going to make the repayments. Speak to our advisor now who will help you to plan your budget.

The Right Mortgage Tailored To You

There are plenty of mortgage products tailored to the over 55’s and a good mortgage broker or Independent Financial Advisor will automatically know what type of mortgage is right for you. Choice can help you to access the right introducer or broker who will know what banks and building societies have to offer you.

Been Turned Down Already?

If you’ve already been turned down by a big bank there are other options. Lots of smaller banks or building societies will happily lend to those age 55+. You may be asked to repay it after 20 years but there are plenty of options. Speak to a Choice adviser today and find out what the next step is to securing a mortgage for you.

Excellent Mortgage Choices For You

The Choice website provides people just like you with mortgages. No matter whether you’re approaching retirement or in retirement, trust us to give you quality financial advice for a better future.

We compare the market constantly so that we can provide you with superb deals and regulated financial providers. Count on us to research mortgages, pensions, investments, equity Release, home energy prices, investments, funeral plans and more so you benefit. Our website gives you access to regulated IFAs, introducers and brokers near you. Call us your one-stop financial website for those of you age 50+. You won’t need to go anywhere else. Try us now – take your first step to a better mortgage with our FREE mortgage calculator here.

Our Mission
We Want To Help You Enjoy Your Golden Years

The Choice website has been designed especially for you, to bring you specialist information on mortgages and other financial products available today. It’s our mission to help you to find the best deal and we can also pair you with regulated IFA’s, Brokers and Introducers close to where you live. We also have a dedicated customer services team, who are available to talk you through different products. Why not ask a question now and speak to an advisor?

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