Make the right investments for a secure retirement

The right financial investments will give you a bright future. Find out what will work for you with our free Choice term return calculator.

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What is investment?

Investing is the process of allocating your money with the expectation of receiving some benefit in the future, from 5 years plus.

Choose from reliable investment options

There are lots of different types of investment to choose from, such as shares, bank or building society savings, property and bonds. Let Choice help you make the right investment for your future.

Reap the reward of multiple investments

Spreading your money between different asset investments can help you to reap the reward of more cash later on. We can advise on the best possible options for you and help you stay in control of your investments.

Make profit from your investments

You could make a generous profit depending on the investment you choose, whether through property rent, share dividends or savings interest. This profit is extra cash you can reinvest or use to enjoy your golden years.

Ready to start investing?

The sooner you invest, the sooner you’ll receive a return. If you’ve got cash sitting in your savings and you want to see growth fast – consider an investment. The right one could bring you financial security in your retirement.

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Why choose investment?
You’re never too old to invest
There's never a bad time to take out an investment plan and with the right financial advice, you could transform your retirement savings.

Think about what you could do with some extra cash – from taking long, exotic, sun-drenched holidays to moving home or even helping out your children with their living costs. The rewards are potentially enormous.

Safeguard any risk with an exit plan

Looking at the vast range of different investments to choose from can be overwhelming, but having access to the right regulated financial advice makes it so much easier to decide. You could even select multiple investment opportunities which increase the chance of reaping financial benefits, and with exit plans put into place, you can safeguard your funds.

A regular income for your retirement

Many people choose to invest for a financially secure retirement and use their return as a regular income. When you’re going into retirement solely reliant on your pension, that extra cash is bound to come in useful.

Invest as little or as much as you like

Choose to invest according to your financial circumstances, whether you want to invest one lump sum or you prefer a monthly savings plan, there’s bound to be an investment to suit your budget and long term goals. The sooner you invest, the more money you could make in the future. You can also top-up your investments whenever you want.

About choice retirement
Let us guide you in the right investments for your golden years

We’ve designed our service with people like you in mind, who want to enjoy their retirement, free from worry and stress related to money. Our promise to you is to bring you the best financial deals available and to offer excellent advice, allowing you to feel empowered and confident with your decision.

The Choice customer service team is dedicated to your needs, always comparing the market to bring you the best deals on everything including care homes, assisted living, pensions, mortgages, investments, equity release, home energy, funeral plans and more.

Our mission
Relax and enjoy a financially stable retirement

Choice aims to provide you with specialist information on pension schemes, pension advice and pension transfers available on the market. We help you to find the best deal and can pair you with regulated IFAs, brokers and introducers in your area. When you have a question, you can trust us to answer it without any hidden agenda. Try us out – you can contact our friendly customer services team at your convenience.