Health, life and care insurance to protect you and your family

Quality insurance will protect you and your family when the unexpected happens, so let Choice Retirement guide you to the best options.

Peace of mind when you take out insurance
  • Insurance gives you financial protection to cover medical care
  • You get access to the very best private medial care
  • No NHS queues when you need medical attention
  • You can choose your own consultant, hospital or clinic
  • Choose from a comprehensive range of different policies/cover to suit your needs
  • Excellent life policies and health policies for any age
  • Manage all your insurance policies in one place
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Understanding health and life insurance

Private health insurance gives you priority and fast access to medical services, top consultants, the best private care, medication, plus many more benefits. Life insurance protects your family, giving them a cash lump sum when your time comes, which could help them toward general living costs.

Choose from different levels of cover

Choice has access to different types of insurance cover from critical illness plans, life insurance plans, over 50s plans and more.

Fast medical assistance when you need it

Choosing health insurance will give you medical assistance when you need it, which means no NHS queues, no long waiting times and the very best consultants to ensure you get the right care and aftercare.

Low-cost cover for maximum protection

Select a plan that costs as little as a few £ per month and receive all the benefits of premium quality health insurance. Low-cost life insurance protects your loved ones, giving you peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about those unexpected curve balls life throws at us.

Start your insurance plans as soon as you're ready

The sooner you set up your insurance plans, the sooner you’re covered, and it’s worth making the small investment in your health and family. Having health and life insurance in place means you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.

Why choose insurance?
You choose your treatment plan
Private health insurance gives you access to expensive drugs and treatments that are not available through the NHS.

You also have the added bonus of being able to choose your preferred medical consultant who will look after you throughout, as well as the hospital where you undergo treatment.

Receive guaranteed care, from start to finish

Private medical insurance gives you the advantage of complete care, from that initial consultation, throughout your treatment and even through your aftercare.

Private health insurance could save your life

There’s no waiting with private health insurance. You get right to the front of the queue meaning you receive the treatments you need when you need them. Ultimately, it could be life-saving.

Protect your family from the unexpected

Life insurance gives you and your family confidence that they are looked after should the unexpected happen. This is especially useful if they are dependent on you for income or help with living expenses. It can also prove invaluable for your family to help them cope with funeral expenses if the worst were to happen.

Life insurance could protect your mortgage

Life insurance is also especially important if you know you have your own mortgage, debts or loans to pay, as it could release a lump sum of cash if you die during the policy term.

Make the right insurance Choice

With so many different health and life insurance plans to choose from, it can be difficult to select the right one. Choice gives you access to the right regulated financial advice, making it so much easier to make the decision.

About Choice Retirement
We help you find the right insurance no matter what age you are

We’ve designed our service with people like you in mind, who want to enjoy their retirement, free from worry and stress related to money. Our promise to you is to bring you the best financial deals available and to offer excellent advice, allowing you to feel empowered and confident with your decision.

The Choice customer service team is dedicated to your needs, always comparing the market to bring you the best deals on everything including care homes, assisted living, pensions, mortgages, investments, equity release, home energy, funeral plans and more.

Our mission
We want you to have a stress-free retirement

Choice aims to provide you with specialist information on pension schemes, pension advice and pension transfers available on the market. We help you to find the best deal and can pair you with regulated IFAs, brokers and introducers in your area. When you have a question, you can trust us to answer it without any hidden agenda. Try us out – you can contact our friendly customer services team whenever you’re ready.

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