Pre-paid Funeral Plans to Help Protect Your Loved Ones

No family wants to struggle with tough money choices after losing a loved one. You can ease that pressure with a pre-planned funeral, and Choice Retirement are here to help. By putting you in touch with expert consultants, you can find a suitable option with ease.

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What is a funeral plan?

Although it might sound morbid, a funeral plan is a really sensible way to ensure your family is financially protected. They also make sure that you get the send off you want when your time comes. Funerals are becoming more costly each year. Therefore, freezing the cost reduces your family’s stress when they’re already dealing with the difficulty of losing a loved one.

Your funeral, exactly how you want it

A funeral plan allows you to organise your own funeral exactly as you wish, with no costs for your family to cover. Your loved ones won’t have to make the difficult decisions as you’ll have taken care of everything beforehand.

Flexible funeral options

You can choose from different funeral plans to tailor every aspect of the service to your liking. This includes arrangements for transport, burial, flowers, music and more – and all this helps to remove the burden from your loved ones.

Convenient funeral plan payment options

You can either pay in monthly instalments or in one lump sum. There are also flexible options to suit your needs, giving you peace of mind that everything you want for your funeral is completely covered.

A funeral plan gives you Choice

By putting you in touch with experts, Choice Retirement makes it simple for you to find the right funeral plan for you. We can make the planning process as straightforward as possible, so it’s simple for you and no burden falls on your family.

Why choose a funeral plan?
Take out a funeral plan to reduce your family’s burden
When a family is left to organise the funeral of a loved one, it adds an extra level of stress during an already difficult time.

As living costs are high, it’s often hard to find those extra funds for a family emergency. Having your funeral paid for in advance will be a huge weight off your loved ones’ shoulders. With funeral prices continuing to rise, taking out a funeral plan now could also avoid added cost.

Your final wishes adhered to

As well as covering the cost implications of a funeral, a funeral plan shields your family from having to make tough decisions. They won’t be left guessing about your last wishes because everything can be clearly organised in advance.

A funeral plan tailored to you

Choice Retirement can guide you on the path to making a decision that, ultimately, is an extremely personal choice. So don’t delay. Settle arrangements now so you can enjoy the rest of your retirement without worrying about what will happen when you’re gone. With a range of plans out there to choose from, we can point you in the direction of one that suits you.

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