Funeral Plans: Why Should You Plan Your Funeral in Advance?

Thinking about your funeral in advance feels a little bit morbid, but here are five reasons it’s actually a sensible idea.

  1. 1. It eases the burden on your family.

  2. If you pass away and your wishes aren’t known to your family, they’ll be forced to make difficult decisions during an already taxing time. Having to decide if you’ll be buried or cremated, how much to spend on your funeral and even the order of service places unnecessary stress on them while they’re grieving.

2. It means your family are covered financially.

With funeral costs rising every year, planning ahead enables you to make arrangements to cover funeral costs, meaning your family won’t have to foot the bill on top of everything else they’re already dealing with.

3. It allows your family to grieve properly.

You know that saying, “funerals are for the living”? Well there’s a very important reason for that. Psychologically, funerals allow the family to gain closure and enables them to begin the healing process after losing a loved one. They benefit from ‘sending off’ their relative with a meaningful service, but one that is rushed, stressful or not fitting will affect them greatly.

4. It allows you to outline how you wish to say goodbye.

With a pre-organised plan, you can fulfil any specific preferences you might have for your funeral, including the nature of your service, whether you’d like to be buried or cremated and even down to the details of music choice and the words on your headstone. Similarly, you may not actually want a funeral, but for any money that would have been used on a service to be donated to charity. Either way, it’s useful to have a plan in place.

5. It allows you to have your affairs in order.

We don’t know what life will throw at us, but taking care of your funeral arrangements ahead of time is the most thoughtful thing you can do for your family when the time comes. Knowing they’ll appreciate the ease of arrangements and that you’ve thought about their well-being will offer them comfort, and will ensure they can take time to grieve and heal.