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When you retire, you’ll want to spend time enjoying your best years. That’s where Choice Retirement can help. From Equity Release to Life and Health Insurance, we’re here to fight your corner as you plan for your dream retirement. Whether you’re already retired or not, it’s our goal to empower you to make confident financial decisions.

About Choice Retirement
Open up a whole world of opportunity

At Choice Retirement, we’re here to make the process of planning for your golden years as simple and stress-free as possible. Our dedicated team works hard to connect you with local experts who can guide you towards making the right decisions for you. You can be confident of arriving at your goal of a fantastic retirement, without having to worry about taking a wrong turn.

By gathering data from a huge range of trusted UK financial providers, our pledge is to introduce you to a world of excellent deals. We can support you to better arrange pensions, equity release, investments, home energy prices, funeral plans and more.

We’ll pair you with regulated independent financial advisors who can be based in your local area. These professionals are on hand to offer you the sound advice and support that you need. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your retirement needs.

Our ethos
Your financial security is our mission

Our aim is to keep things simple as you journey towards long-term financial security. We’ll enable you to access straightforward explanations for available products and options. Everything will be as easy to understand as possible. Any questions you have can be answered with one click of your mouse, or by making a quick call to one of our friendly customer service advisors.

We’re here for you. We’re your Partner in Retirement.

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